Zhang Jin completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in Australia under a Singapore Ministry of Health scholarship and is a registered supervisor with the Singapore Psychological Society. She started her practice in prisons and hospitals since 2006 and was one of the first psychologists to be practicing in a community setting in Singapore.

She has been passionately lecturing in the Singapore University of Social sciences for the past 7 years and has done more than ten-years of ad-hoc training for professionals such as prison officers, teachers and many others.

Zhang Jin’s personal goal is to shape the mindsets of learners towards a more holistic appreciation of people with mental health issues and special needs through teaching on counselling and psychology subjects. Her passion and empathy for people drives her to carry out her lectures and trainings excellently, without compromising any aspect of educating.

For the past 10 years, Zhang Jin has been exposed to dealing with diverse groups of varying issues in different settings. Her abundance of experience has equipped her to manage various types of workshops and seminars.