Video Consultations

We make telehealth simple by connecting you to your healthcare specialists from the comfort of your home, whenever you need it.

Video Consultation Tips

Prepare to make the most out of your video consultation with your medical specialists by following these tips!

  • Click on the teleconsultation video link and join the session

  • Ensure that you are seated in a well-lit and quiet room, with minimal distractions

  • Ensure that your device has an in-built webcam that is working properly. Most laptops and mobile phones have one. However, desktops may not have in-built webcams, so you may have to obtain an external webcam that can be connected to a desktop computer​. An adjustable webcam is preferred so that the specialist can do an examination, if necessary​

  • Have your photo ID ready (NRIC, FIN or Passport) for verification purposes

  • Have a torchlight or mobile phone with torchlight function to illuminate and provide better visualisation of the body part of interest.​

  • Adjust and test your microphone to ensure that it is working properly.​

  • Ensure stable Internet connection for higher quality communication. Close unnecessary applications to save bandwidth, if needed.​

  • Avoid bright/reflective clothing that may affect camera focus

  • Jot down all your symptoms and questions you have so that you would not forget to mention them during the consultation. Have information about your medical history and drug allergies at hand too.​